Q. Can I wear a regular belt with the InvisibleBelt?
A. Yes, in most cases we recommend wearing both.

Q. When would I NOT wear a regular belt with InvisibleBelt?
A. Whenever your stomach is pushing your belt down.

Q. Can I apply InvisibleBelt on all types of materials?
A. It can NOT be used on materials that can NOT be ironed.

Q. How long will InvisibleBelt stay on?
A. The InvisibleBelt strip will remain on permanently

Q. Are the InvisibleBelt strips safe when touching my skin?
A. Yes, there are no harmful materials being used.

Q. Why would the edge of a strip come up slightly?
A. If the iron didn’t fully heat up the strip, this could occur. Re-apply the iron for 25 seconds on edge to fasten.

Q. Can I use InvisibleBelt even if my shirt is not tucked in?
A. Yes, InvisibleBelt works best when a shirt is tucked into your pants but will also cling to undergarments or your skin giving you a better fit than without using InvisibleBelt.

Q. Can I wash or dry clean the strips attached to my pants?
A. Yes, they are machine washable and fully resistant to dry cleaning.

Q. How soon after ironing on the strips can I wear the pants?
A. You can wear the pants as soon as the strips cool down. However, you should wait 24 hours to dry clean or wash them.

Q. How much waistband area does one box cover?
A. There are 20 of the 2 inch stips in a box, when adding 1 inch of space between each strips the InvisibleBelt strips will cover 60 inches of waistband area per box.

Q. Can the strips be removed or replaced once they are ironed onto my pants?
A. Yes, simply reheat the strip using a piece of paper towel and an iron for 25 seconds, then remove both and immediately remove the strip using a pair of tweezers pulling the attached strip (from one end) off of the pants.

Q. Can I apply the strips to a pair of pants that have been previously worn but not washed?
A. This is NOT recommended since oils from your body may compromise the ability of the strips to properly fasten to the pants, this may cause some of the strips to come loose or even fall off after washing.

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