The InvisibleBelt™


Not only has our InvisibleBelt™ been designed to keep your shirt or blouse inside your pants or skirt but it also helps keep your pants or skirt from falling down. By using this new revolutionary patent pending grip strip technology, your tucked shirt or blouse as well as an undergarment will help keep your pants or skirt up!

  • Keep your shirt inside your pants
  • Stop your pants or skirt from falling down
  • Never have problems holding your pants or skirt up again
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How It Works

Clothes don’t fit everybody the same, most people find themselves constantly pulling their pants or skirts up and tucking their shirt or blouse in.
Our new revolutionary iron on strips “InvisibleBelt” helps eliminate this problem. Unlike a belt, InvisibleBelt grips to a shirt, blouse or undergarment because it is attached to the inside of the pants or skirt. By having a snug waistband the strips grip to the clothing holding everything in place, this is why in most cases using a belt with InvisibleBelt will give you the ultimate fit.

1. Collect Items

You will need an iron, an ironing board, a piece of paper towel and a time keeper.

2. Install Strips

Using an iron and a paper towel, installing the strips is easy and takes only a few minutes.

view Installation Guide

3. Enjoy

Enjoy having your pants and shirts stay in place.

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Each box contains 20 iron-on strips covering 60 inches of waistband area
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